M. Ram Aravindar Charitable Trust, Home for the Aged was conceived with the purpose of serving Senior Citizens in the sunset years of their lives. This was visualized as a residence with a homely atmosphere so that the Senior Citizens would not feel uprooted from the surroundings to which they were accustomed, and to fill their remaining years with much-needed comfort, care and attention. With these objectives in mind, M. Ram Aravindar Charitable Trust Home for the Aged Trust started their Home for Senior Citizens in March 2000, housed in rented home at No: 43/85, Maharani Avenue, Fifth Phase, Vadavalli, Coimbatore 641 041.

The organization was started with resources from the Trustees themselves. "M.Ram Aravindar Charitable Trust" is attached to near by Hospitals who provide emergency medical services including ICU facility. A host of visiting doctors and specialists are on call and pay weekly visits to the homes. Above all, "M.Ram Aravindar Charitable Trust" believes in the mental and spiritual peace of the residents. For such services "M.Ram Aravindar Charitable Trust" organizes yoga and meditation instructors to pay regular visits and guide the elders depending on their age and requirement. Children are encouraged to visit the Home and participate in the sharing of stories, of caring and of life experiences with the residents.

Name of the Trust: M. Ram Aravindar Charitable Trust
Address: No: 43/85, Maharani Avenue, Fifth Phase, Vadavalli, Coimbatore 641 041.
Website: www.mramaravindar.org
Date of Commencement : 8th March 2000
Founder Trustees : Mr. M. Madasamy
Mrs. M. Uthirakumari Madasamy
Phone Numbers : +91 422 2426420
+91 98941 22753
Facilities offered : Furnished accommodation, vegetarian food, nursing care, regular doctor visits, ambulance, basic medical equipments and all maintenance facilities including laundry and also a separate Prayer and Meditation Hall.
No of Residents : 34 residents as on 30.08.2007. both male and female, Ranging in age from 54 years to 103 years. All religions
Funding : NO GRANTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT NO FUNDING FROM ANY SPONSOR AGENCY Solely dependant on income form residents and Help from large hearted Donors and Philanthropists.

Your gift gives us the power to change the lives of vulnerable older people. Use your credit or debit card and making a secure online donation.